Why Do We Never Hear About Low Blood Pressure

Why Do We Never Hear About Low Blood Pressure

Ask anyone about high blood pressure, and you’re likely to get a lively conversation about cholesterol, stroke, beta-blockers, and the like. Some will start comparing numbers and sigh that they wish their I.Q. was as high as their blood pressure. But why is it that you never seem to hear anyone talk about low blood pressure? Are there health concerns with this condition and are they anywhere near as important as the obvious problems with high blood pressure?

Having low blood pressure may not be as dangerous as high blood pressure, but there are still several serious concerns for those with this condition. They often experience severe dizziness and lightheadedness, especially upon standing suddenly. They may also have chronic fainting spells. The lack of proper blood circulation can also cause nausea and cold or clammy skin, fatigue, and problems with concentration and problem-solving.heart-care

While these may not be exactly life-threatening, those with low blood pressure know the dangers of fainting at inopportune times, and may also suffer from depression because of their condition and the resulting fatigue that comes with it.

It’s believed that most cases of low blood pressure are more genetic than anything else, however, doctors are agreeing these days that the common blood pressure reading of 120 over 80 is on the high side. Having low blood pressure is becoming the ideal if readings are steady around 115 over 75.

Athletes and those who exercise regularly seem to have readings around these numbers. Most physicians agree that unless the symptoms are interfering with one’s life, there is no reason to make changes to try to correct this issue.


At the same time, low blood pressure affects each person differently. Someone with poor circulation and anemia or an eating disorder can be at extreme risk for starving their heart and vital organs, and of course, if you have constant fainting spells, this can interfere with your career, your abilities to perform everyday household tasks, your family life, and of course your health overall.

The body is not mean to be unnaturally sedated like that. And certainly, if you faint and injure yourself or are alone, you may be in need of medical attention. Some with low blood pressure that experience such symptoms can develop panic attacks and agoraphobia, as they become so anxious about going out without assistance or are simply wondering when will be the next attack. Depression can result from interference with one’s life.


If your doctor has told you that you have low blood pressure and you experience these symptoms regularly and find that they are interfering with the quality of your life, it’s time to speak up. He or she can recommend lifestyle changes such as increased salt or water intake or may be able to prescribe medications in extreme cases.

While low blood pressure may not present the same life-threatening symptoms like high blood pressure, you should still be able to enjoy your life without worrying about your next fainting spell or having your career interrupted.five_main_blood_pressure


Unlike the harder usual kind of hypertension that comes on through years and can be due to controllable circumstances like obesity, essential hypertension doesn’t have any such cause. It is often declared that this type of hypertension just is and so it is addressed being an inherited situation rather than a provoked one. Because essential hypertension is its cause, it is usually called primary hypertension.


Now we shall discuss the causes of a heart attack. Our body is composed of a lot of blood vessels- veins, arteries, etc. Some of them carry oxygenated blood through the heart with other organs in the body. The rest carry blood full of carbon-dioxide. We all know until this is a cyclic process which can be active from birth till death without pause.

We eat different types of food. They add different substances to the blood. In the process, some fatty elements called plaques are deposited inside the arteries. They try to close the blood flow to and through the heart. The blood cannot flow smoothly.

They go through a narrow space causing hypertension inside the arteries. If the deposition of plagues increases to an alarming level people become prey to cardiac arrest or strokes.

Having low blood pressure is probably not as dangerous as a high blood pressure level, but you can still find several serious concerns for all those with this particular condition. They often experience severe dizziness and lightheadedness, especially upon standing suddenly.

They may have chronic fainting spells. The lack of proper circulation may also cause nausea and cold or clammy skin, fatigue, and issues with concentration and problem-solving. While these might not be exactly deadly, those with low blood pressure level have in mind the risks of fainting at inopportune times, and might also suffer from depression because of their condition along with the resulting fatigue that accompanies it. Health threats diagram

Blood pressure in our body is driven by pressure from which the 1st sound in our pulse might be heard called ‘systolic’ pressure and as the stress inside cuff is decreased the sound individual’s pulse also decreases till it disappears at which level, the ‘diastolic’ pressure is measured.

The BP reading is indicated by two numbers that are 130/80, where 130 will be the systolic pressure and 80 will be the diastolic pressure expressed in millimeter of mercury or ‘mm Hg’.

With the advancement in medicine throughout the last 3 decades, Heart Disease is amongst the most preventable diseases proven to science. A much more pro-active approach is taken by the two patients as well as the doctor in preventing and treating heart problems. One of the best methods to prevent coronary disease is usually to change the patient’s outlook on dieting and exercise.

Although not legal or obtainable in the U.S., one medical method especially that defines the advances in modern medicine is Stem Cell Treatment abroad and best cord blood banking information.

This type of treatment helps you to regenerate cells and researchers anticipate that in the foreseeable future these techniques might are the cure for cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, Huntington’s disease, among many more.

In order to conserve a healthy heart, you need to have once a year check-up which has a physician who will then look at the glucose and cholesterol along with your blood pressure. Should you be overweight your physician will help you on the way to shed weight effectively, in addition, to take care of your ideal weight.what-causes-high-blood-pressure

In some cases (approximately 20% or maybe more) the heart attack may be painless. As the pain in the guts is really a response of the nervous terminations to the stimuli, within the if the nervous sensitivity is affected, the anguish may not be felt so acute. It is really a phenomenon mostly met in diabetics and elderly people.

Their neurological system is entirely suffering from time, with one’s heart, but inside the entire organism, they gradually lose sensitivity.

Always consult your doctor before using this information.

This Article is nutritional in nature and is not to be construed as medical advice.